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Wrap Rings
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Blue Topaz Wrap Ring Crafted in Sterling Silver in Bali Dreamy Gaze NO42456736
Details This dazzling ring from Bali is designed and handcrafted by Made Sudiari. C..
$69.90 $40.44
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from Thailand Exotic Accent NO25264161
Details Exotic designs are engraved into this striking sterling silver band ring. C..
$88.60 $40.74
Sterling Silver Artisan Crafted Wide Floral Wrap Ring Flowers of Rimac NO18715213
Details Peru's Maria Huerta transforms sterling silver into a beautiful wrap ring. ..
$91.87 $50.85
Sterling Silver Wrap Amethyst Ring Lilac Trio NO38681547
Details A trio of amethyst gems graces this design by India's Mahavir. He cuts and ..
$69.08 $36.79
Hand Made Mexican Women\'s Modern Sterling Silver Wrap Ring Parallel Lives NO21654524
Details Stylish, this ring exudes powerful artistry. Designer Guillermo Arregui con..
$92.98 $52.43
Nail and Wrench Sterling Silver Wrap Rings from India Pair Handy NO11521187
Details Perfect for the handy person in your life, this pair of modern rings is des..
$88.52 $28.79
WrapStyle Apatite Cocktail Ring from India Nugget Appeal NO56626438
Details Showcasing hues of green and blue, two freeform apatite nuggets combine the..
$70.47 $24.08
PreHispanic Butterfly Sterling Silver Wrap Ring PreHispanic Butterfly NO41863755
Details Inspired by pre-Hispanic Mayan cultures, the Mexican artisan Rosa Rojo desi..
$125.83 $70.46
Faceted Garnet Scarlet Leaves Sterling Silver Wrap Ring Scarlet Leaves NO47845676
Details Wrap yourself in dazzling garnets with this gorgeous ring from India's Alok..
$114.39 $56.63
Blue Chalcedony and Amethyst Sterling Silver Wrap Ring Luminous Harmony NO51761252
Details Two gorgeous gemstones come together with shimmering elegance in this ring ..
$88.82 $32.78
Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from Thai Hill Tribes Frosty Beauty NO52546511
Details Featuring a sparkling frosted finish, this wrap ring will make a captivatin..
$89.91 $40.54
Blue topaz wrap ring The Rose NO87753355
Details Rose petals enfold a heart of blue topaz to distinguish a superlative ring...
$102.35 $56.03
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