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Wrap Rings
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Floral Sterling Silver Wrap Ring Majestic Sunflower NO33523875
Details Majestic, a sunflower blossoms with detailed artistry on a curling shield. ..
$91.63 $56.14
Sterling Silver Wrap Amethyst Ring Lilac Trio NO38681547
Details A trio of amethyst gems graces this design by India's Mahavir. He cuts and ..
$69.08 $36.79
Sterling Silver and Cultured Pearl Wrap Ring from Peru Endless Rope NO58254367
Details A rope of sterling silver wraps the finger, punctuated at the ends by glowi..
$81.75 $40.67
Modern Sterling Silver Wrap Cocktail Ring Love Encounter NO27337877
Details Sterling silver whirls in a circle to leap with joy as it encounters the be..
$110.79 $67.87
Gold Accent Amethyst Dragon Ring Twin Dragon NO76234127
Details Turing in a circle, twin dragons come together in undeniable attraction. Su..
$92.79 $54.94
Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from Thai Hill Tribes Frosty Beauty NO52546511
Details Featuring a sparkling frosted finish, this wrap ring will make a captivatin..
$89.91 $40.54
WrapStyle Apatite Cocktail Ring from India Nugget Appeal NO56626438
Details Showcasing hues of green and blue, two freeform apatite nuggets combine the..
$70.47 $24.08
Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from Bali Bundles NO55362573
Details Resembling bundles, two round shapes are crafted from sterling silver, capp..
$61.57 $22.64
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Band Ring Riptide NO46822458
Details A glistening riptide runs across the contours of this ring, casting a spell..
$121.11 $65.00
Javanese Sterling Silver Wrap Ring with Sunflower Motif Fields of Sun NO83252684
Details Fields of yellow sunflowers are brought to mind by this sterling silver coc..
$69.73 $32.75
MoonShaped Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from Mexico Ixchel Goddess NO75166447
Details Wife of the sun god, Ak Kin, the Maya moon goddess Ixchel graces this wrap ..
$122.76 $80.09
Blue Topaz Ring 2 Cts Sterling Silver from India Face to Face NO34348584
Details Forming a circle like endless love, blue topaz stones reach toward each oth..
$115.58 $56.00
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