Single Stone Rings

Single Stone Rings
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Spiral Motif Garnet Cocktail Ring from India Assam Allure NO26268582
Details Evoking the beauty of Assam, India, scarlet garnet sparkles in the center o..
$71.61 $28.50
Blue Chalcedony Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from India Glacial Desire NO53818448
Details A sterling silver ring of exquisite elegance is designed by India's Neetu B..
$67.35 $32.23
Sterling Silver and Opal Cocktail Ring from Peru Sweet Rose NO86352271
Details Rich gemstone color evokes a sweet pink rose. Sandra and Lily conjure the s..
$122.23 $80.45
Jade cocktail ring Maya Virtues NO63878314
Details Zandra Lorena Sajbin exalts the virtues of aesthetic minimalism with the ex..
$118.62 $72.67
GoldPlated Tiger\'s Eye Single Stone Ring from Peru Magic Pulse NO38771561
Details Weighing five carats, a natural gemstone of earthen tiger's eye crowns this..
$122.87 $64.38
Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Cocktail Ring with Chalcedony Aquatic Allure NO43356466
Details A generous 7.5 carats of dreamy aqua chalcedony crowns this cocktail ring f..
$108.09 $53.80
Cultured Pearl Cocktail Ring in Black from Peru Black Nascent Flower NO35545341
Details A luminous black pearl evokes a swelling floral bud, a nascent flower about..
$110.28 $56.70
Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Round Cabochon Ring Regal Moon NO81124133
Details From the workshop of Rakesh Rana of India comes this exceptional sterling s..
$70.50 $39.67
Smoky quartz cocktail ring Elusive Love NO32837265
Details Smoky quartz brings its mysterious allure to this elegant cocktail ring. By..
$68.89 $40.38
Garnet Sterling Silver Ring Handmade in Indonesia Crimson Dream NO76438124
Details Designed and crafted by Indonesian artisan Agung Jagra, this ring features ..
$93.22 $36.18
Men\'s Oval Rainbow Moonstone Ring from India Cloud Prongs NO34768516
Details Clutched by prongs of combination-finish sterling silver, a rainbow moonsto..
$81.47 $40.78
Smoky Quartz and Sterling Silver Handcrafted Ring Delhi at Dusk NO13255645
Details Framed in silver, the mystical allure of smoky quartz evokes dusky light. S..
$74.30 $36.64
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