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Beaded Necklaces
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Handcrafted Andean Chrysocolla Necklace with Sterling Silver Andean Opulence NO86638752
Details Lavish and lovely, this handcrafted necklace radiates the blue-green allure..
$166.71 $104.12
Crocheted White Cultured Pearl Flower Necklace from Thailand White Daisy NO84887517
Details Dreamy soft colors make this beaded necklace from Anusara in Thailand memor..
$122.22 $72.29
Tourmaline Om Beaded Pendant Necklace from Thailand Beautiful Om NO24537745
Details Colorful beads of natural tourmaline circle the neck for a beautiful neckla..
$81.28 $24.78
Light Green Jade Beaded Pendant Necklace from Guatemala Young Energy NO13113224
Details Displaying hues of light green, three jade beads form the pendant of this G..
$62.65 $28.82
Fair Trade Multigemstone Beaded Orange and Green Necklace Hill Tribe Diva NO76527674
Details Bright orange and pale green hues cast a spell of fresh elegance in a neckl..
$63.42 $31.06
Hand Crafted Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace Midnight Blue Beauty NO81462865
Details Accented by sterling silver globes, radiant blue lapis lazuli is stunning i..
$105.86 $64.96
Sterling Silver Accent Handcrafted Chrysocolla Necklace Perpetually Pretty NO51735654
Details Lavish and lovely, this handcrafted necklace radiates the blue-green allure..
$141.43 $104.31
Taxco Artisan Crafted 3strand Sterling Silver Necklace Taxco Constellation NO85312616
Details Petite planets glow like a magical constellation in this beautiful Taxco si..
$111.24 $80.60
Blue and Green Recycled Glass Beaded Torsade Necklace Blue and Green NO37661281
Details In colors of blue and green, beads of recycled glass are strung by hand to ..
$75.59 $36.32
Wood and recycled glass pendant necklace Earth Medley NO78116137
Details Multiple strands of waxed linen encircle the neck to culminate in a flirty ..
$109.75 $52.23
Sky Blue and Black Beaded Glass Horn Pendant Necklace Mother\'s Embrace NO61782488
Details Sky blue seed beads lovingly embrace the neckline, as designed by Victoria ..
$73.56 $28.10
950 Silver Necklace Karen Hill Tribe Style Thai Jewelry Karen World NO27383873
Details This necklace is stylized with the ethnic elegance unique to the Karen hill..
$148.71 $112.38
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