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Cuff Bracelets
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Amethyst cuff bracelet Night Goddess NO83367164
Details Broad leaves caress a serene moon goddess who slumbers in an argent embrace..
$195.61 $160.78
Gold Accent Rope Design Sterling Silver Bracelet from Bali Shrine Leaves NO55158722
Details Elaborated with 18k gold accents, this Balinese cuff bracelet captures the ..
$111.52 $62.75
Handcrafted Fine Silver Cuff Bracelet Sapan NO54167211
Details "I call this design Sapan, the Quechua term for solitary in reference to th..
$121.34 $87.12
Sterling Silver and Garnet Handmade Cuff Bracelet Java Kawung NO31157786
Details Balinese artisan Komang Suastra recreates the ancient Javanese kawung batik..
$119.67 $88.18
Unique Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Princess Garden NO32477116
Details A princess' garden is full of beauty and fantasy, inspiring the design of t..
$153.08 $100.00
Brass and Leather Cuff Bracelet from Thailand 0.4 In. Gleaming Pattern NO74127612
Details Working with brass and leather, Thai artisan Chang handcrafts this simple, ..
$96.67 $64.66
Vine Pattern Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet from Bali Vine Inspiration NO76535842
Details Inspired by vines, intricate openwork patterns in sterling silver decorate ..
$138.22 $94.42
Artisan Crafted Blue Topaz Silver Cuff Bracelet Twin Sister NO64214217
Details A mysterious woman and her sister slumber side by side, depicted in a super..
$156.40 $112.12
Cuff bracelet Bronze Goddess NO41417517
Details Revealing fascinating textures, stately columns are linked with birch wood ..
$106.23 $48.04
Gold Accented Onyx Cuff Bracelet Crafted in Bali Black Regal NO85338475
Details Ringed by 18k gold accents, faceted stones of regal black onyx cap the ends..
$126.57 $96.53
Elephant Motif Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet from Bali Elephant\'s Treasure NO75371431
Details Artisan Giri Tasmana of Bali handcrafts a sterling silver cuff bracelet tha..
$135.90 $96.05
Gold Plated Smoky Quartz Cuff Bracelet from Brazil Glittering Magnitude NO12128771
Details Glittering beautifully, two round gemstones of checkerboard faceted smoky q..
$71.19 $36.37
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